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9 Steps to Recruiting More Network Marketing Team Members

Recruit more network marketing team

Recruiting network marketing team members is all about being visible and building trust with future business builders. You need to be conscious of how you approach people and the image that you strike. Here are some ways to win people over and get them to follow you.

1. Become a Listener

People want to have their say when it comes to a decision about their own future. About the worst thing that a recruiter can do is to talk at someone who is considering their options. Then, it becomes all about the recruiter and what the potential team member can do for them. This will turn people off in a hurry. Those who speak much more than they listen could run the risk of being perceived as pressuring or uncaring.

When you listen to other people, it shows that you care about what is important to them. People want to be heard, and they will value others who give them that chance. As a leader, you learn much more by listening than you do by talking. Otherwise, you would miss the chance to learn more about what makes each individual person tick. People give you valuable clues about their own interests and motivations when they talk. They may even give you critical information about how to get through to them.

2. Offer a Great Technological Platform

One thing that will attract business builders to your team is the technology they have access to for their sales efforts. People want to go where it is the easiest for them to succeed. Having the architecture in place for them to knock it out of the park will draw people to you.

Having the best technology at your disposal means that you have the greatest extent of MLM automation. This enables your team to spend their time doing what it is they do and not have to devote their efforts to manual processes.

When potential team members see that you have MLM CRM, they will understand that you are serious about your business. Purchasing CRM software for network marketing not only helps your business, but it also sends a message. The best CRM for network marketing will ensure seamless duplication. This is what makes any great network marketing team work, and people will want to be a part of it.

Recruit more network marketing team - Offer a Great Technological Platform

3. Don't Pressure Them

The best way to draw people in is to show them what you have to offer and let them come to the decision to join you largely on your own. This makes the high-pressure sales pitch to them off-limits. Besides, pressure smacks of desperation, and you want people to see you in the best possible light.

It is a natural human instinct that people back away when they are subjected to pressure. If a team member joins because they were pressured, their loyalty to you may not last long. They would simply be low-hanging fruit for another leader to pick who can twist their arm. When people join your team because they want to, it strengthens their bond with you and their motivation. You can sell them on the merits and then let them consider what you have to offer, making yourself available to answer questions from them in the meantime.

4. Have the Right Mindset

When you recruit for your network, you are convincing others to join your team and follow you. They are giving you the time and effort that they could easily be devoting to someone else. In order to convince people to join your downline, you need to have a mindset where you are always in a recruiting frame of mind. Much of what you do should be geared to the thought of attracting people.

This means that you are always engaging and outgoing, making an attempt to reach people. Recruiting is not really a place for someone not willing to step outside their comfort zone. Instead, you should be on message and telling your story to others at every chance that you get. The right mindset also means that you look at every possible interaction as a way to bring in a team member. This could be both during in-person and online conversations.

Recruit more network marketing team - Have the Right Mindset

5. Expand Your Presence

The best situation for recruiting is one where you have an established brand and are well-known. Here, people will seek you out to join you. However, that is the ideal scenario and is one that you have to build toward. In most cases, you will need to reach out to people to recruit.

Here, you need to be visible in as many places as possible in order to have the encounters necessary to recruit. This means that you are being active everywhere you can, both in person and online. For starters, you should expand your social media presence and be active enough online in ways that spark interactions. Fresh and engaging content gives people something to talk to you about.

Social media really is the lifeblood of your network. It is where you engage people the most. Show a proactive and dynamic presence online, and you will become a leader who people will follow.

In addition, you should also be visible during community activities and other functions. Never miss the opportunity to start a conversation because it can turn to your product.

6. Be Enthusiastic

People tend to follow others who are passionate about what they do and let it come across all the time. After all, someone who cannot muster the enthusiasm about their own product would have trouble getting someone else to be eager to work with them. After all, one essential ingredient of duplication is enthusiasm.

The other thing about enthusiasm is that it is contagious. People pick up on your manner and bearing, and it rubs off on them. You want people to feel good around you because they will want to be around you more. This will give you more chances to teach and train, which leads to greater duplication.

In many ways, you are your network marketing business. Your team members are buying a product, and that is you. The more enthusiastic you are, the greater of a chance that people will want to buy into you.

7. Be Genuine

People can spot a fake a mile away. Something may just simply not add up, and the potential team member would be alerted by their own internal compass. On the other hand, people will gravitate to someone who is real and genuine. People associate being genuine with honesty, and they need to be able to trust.

Genuine means that you are honest in your sales pitch. False claims will almost always come to light. If it does not happen now, it will happen in the future. Then, people will feel as if their leader lied to them. You simply do not want to recruit people under false pretenses.

Another reason why you should be genuine and ethical in recruiting is that it instills the right culture when people join your team. While recruiting people in numbers is good, you want people to do things the right way.

8. Shrug Off Rejection

When you try to recruit, you may end up succeeding only a small part of the time. In between your successes can be a large number of rejections. Chances are that many more people will reject you than those who will sign on to join your team. It is natural, and it happens. It is something that can be largely beyond your control.

What you can control is how you respond to the rejection. The best way to react is to shrug it off and move on to the next prospect. Otherwise, you may miss opportunities to reach people because you are dwelling on what happened in the past. In the words of Michael Corleone, it is not personal. It is only business when people say no. When people do not want to join you, they may have other better opportunities, or it is simply not a good fit.

Recruit more network marketing team - Shrug Off Rejection

9. Respond to People

Being responsive to people is a way of showing that you hear them and everything that they value. Responsive means that you both answer messages and other questions that people ask. As a recruiter, when you miss the opportunity to have a conversation, you are leaving a potential team member out in the cold. If someone takes the time to reach out to you, there is something on their mind. Answering them can help forge a bond with a potential recruit.

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