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How to Recruit New Leaders With Network Marketing Scripts

Network Marketing Scripts - How to Recruit New Leaders With Network Marketing Scripts

You could have the best CRM software for network marketing in the industry, but your tools will only take you so far. Even selling your product or service isn’t enough. The real key to success in multilevel marketing (MLM) is recruiting new business builders. As you expand your team, your new recruits will start making their own sales and recruiting their own leaders. Whenever they sell a product or service, you’ll get a cut of their profits. Essentially, you can’t lose: You’ll have a stream of active income from your product sales as well as passive income from your team.

To get to that point, you’ll need to build a team that’s committed to selling your products and expanding the business. You might be able to recruit a few friends or family members, but for the most part, you’re going to be talking to strangers. Most of these people have preconceived notions about multilevel marketing. In recent times, MLM has been associated with illegal pyramid schemes, making people more reluctant to sign up for these career opportunities.

Others are reluctant to sign up because they already have a job and don’t want to try a new line of work even if they hate their current position. Still others assume that you’re trying to scam them no matter how legit the opportunity looks. At times, finding new recruits for your business is an uphill battle. How can you build your team and start earning passive income if you can’t find any new leaders in the first place?

That’s where network marketing scripts come in.

What Are Network Marketing Scripts?

If you’re not sure where to start, a network marketing script acts as a template that you can use for your calls and emails. You don’t have to stick to the exact script every time — in fact, it’s better to customize your pitch so potential recruits feel like you’re talking to them directly. However, a script gives you a framework so you don’t feel like you’re fumbling through every interaction. You’ll have a premade guide that lists some of your main talking points and utilizes popular marketing techniques.

When you sit down to write your script, you can create your own or borrow from free templates online. You don’t want to sound too robotic — your customers can tell when you’re simply reading off a page or copying and pasting a script. Draft a script that pitches your business opportunity while injecting a little personality. If possible, you might want to learn about each recruit so you can market to them directly. Where do they work now? What are they looking for in a career opportunity?

In any case, network marketing scripts are one of the most valuable tools you can bring to your MLM business. Here are some ways to recruit new leaders with an effective network marketing script.

1. Show People What They're Missing Out On

When you introduce yourself, you don’t want to start by talking about yourself and your business. Your potential recruits have no reason to care about your business. Instead, this is your chance to build a relationship first and then show people how joining your MLM business could change their lives. You could start off your script by asking potential recruits if they’re looking for a more flexible job opportunity. Some of the points that you might raise could include:

• The ability to work from home, the park, a coffee shop or anywhere else
• The opportunity to make a virtually unlimited amount of income
• The chance to earn passive income once you start finding your own recruits
• The ability to choose your own schedule and take time off whenever you want
• The opportunity to spend more time at home with your family
• The chance to be your own boss and answer to no one but yourself
• The opportunity to learn marketing skills that you may use elsewhere

A network marketing script makes it easy for you to recall these points and bring up the ones that may be relevant. You could either bring up the points directly or ask your potential recruits what they’re looking for in a business, then follow up with more information. Either way, a script helps you get in the habit of making a compelling case instead of listing dry facts about your business.

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2. Stay Consistent to Maintain a Brand Identity

Whether you started your own business or you’re part of another person’s downline, it’s important to remain consistent and build a brand identity. Creating a network marketing script helps you provide each potential recruit with the same information and quality of service. If you don’t have a script, you might accidentally give people conflicting information.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the script word-for-word. In fact, going off-script can help you recruit new people. If you’ve talked to an individual in the past, you can customize your script to reflect their needs and interests. Some network marketers add a personal question or two like “How is your current job going?” You can keep it consistent while offering a personalized experience at the same time.

3. Explain What Makes This Opportunity Different

When you pitch your business opportunity, you may not want to use the term “MLM” at all. Many people have negative associations with the MLM business model. Instead, a network marketing script gives you the chance to explain what makes this opportunity different. You can provide concrete details to prove to your potential recruits that this is a genuine business opportunity, not a scam.

A network marketing script makes it easier for you to list and recall facts that support your sales pitch. For example, you could give an estimate of the income that your business builders make every year. You don’t have to go into extreme detail, but you might talk about the selling process and how MLM CRM software makes your team’s task easier. You could also talk about the number of people on your team to suggest that several people have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Typically, you don’t have to call out other businesses to make your case — just focus on your MLM business and what makes it a great opportunity to work on your own terms.

4. Prepare for Your Follow-Up

A network marketing script doesn’t just help you make the initial call or write the first email — it provides an outline for how you can follow up after your interaction. Consider writing different scripts for people who accept your offer, people who have more questions and people who outright reject the opportunity. If the person shows interest, provide more information with the facts you’ve listed in your script. You might also send them a reminder if they don’t follow up right away.

Depending on their response, you may want to alter your script to fit their individual needs. Some potential recruits have questions about the business or want to see a demonstration before they put their time and energy into joining your team. Others will outright reject your offer. If you know how to proceed ahead of time, you’ll be able to handle just about any situation.

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5. Point Out What Could Happen If They Pass on This Opportunity

You don’t want to upset your potential recruits or make exaggerated claims, but a network marketing script gives you the chance to point out what the individual could miss out on. Think about what you would have missed if you didn’t sign up for this opportunity. Plenty of online businesses claim that they can make people a lot of money, but few actually follow up on this promise. This is your chance to show people why they shouldn’t pass up on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

When you write your script, you can come up with ways to counter potential arguments. If they claim that they don’t have marketing skills, you’ll have information about your training program ready to go. When you seem to know a lot about the topic, your potential recruit will start to think that you’re an experienced business owner and not someone looking to make a quick buck.

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