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How Network Marketing CRM Software Can Upgrade Your Business

Finding prospects is just the start of your network marketing career. If you want to build a successful team, you’ll have to recruit new business builders, follow up on customers, keep track of your users, offer support and training to your team and find the best ways to increase your duplication rates. In the past, you had to do everything manually with Excel spreadsheets. Today, you can take advantage of CRM software for network marketing that does most of the work for you.

As you grow your customer base and seek out new network marketers, this software gives you a wealth of tools that automate the entire process. CRM software can generate funnel links, provide training to your team members, safely store your prospects’ personal information and more. You can access everything from one simple application.

If you’re used to doing things the “old way,” you might be hesitant to make the switch. But here’s why you should consider using CRM software for network marketing.

What Is CRM Software?

First, let’s review some general information about CRM software. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps you manage your interactions with customers. Instead of digging through spreadsheets and documents to find a customer’s phone number, you’ll find all the information you need in one convenient place. You can add notes, schedule follow-ups, keep track of their orders and more. CRM software makes it much easier to manage your business. It also simplifies the process of finding new prospects — your customers will be more likely to sign up if you have a simple, streamlined application.

CRM software has features for everyone involved in the selling process. This includes business leaders, team members, customers and prospective network marketers. If you have a customer who just wants to order your products, you can follow up with them and monitor their orders. If your customer shows interest in joining your business, you can stay in touch and provide them with more information about your team. With CRM software, you can also document every step, so you won’t lose track of a customer or accidentally bombard them with emails.

What Are the Benefits for Business Leaders?

First and foremost, CRM software is a necessary tool for business leaders. It automates several of your tasks and streamlines your communications into one convenient application. You’ll be able to free up time in your workday, giving you more time to pursue prospects.
You are not going to do that.

Keep Watch of Your Prospects

Without software, it’s difficult to tell if you should follow up on a prospect — a customer who could potentially turn into a business builder. You have no way of knowing that they watched your video and showed interest in your product. CRM software monitors your prospects and the actions that they’ve taken — including watching videos and placing orders.

You can view each prospect individually and see what steps they’ve taken so far. The application will tell you how many videos they’ve watched, whether you’ve followed up with them and which orders they’ve placed. You can record your follow-up dates in the application and even set a reminder for yourself. With this information, you’ll be able to increase customer satisfaction and recruit potential team members without seeming pushy.

Create Funnel Links

The funnel is the first thing that a potential customer sees after they click on your advertisement. If you’re hosting your own funnel, you might have trouble gathering data and figuring out a successful marketing strategy. CRM software offers templates that essentially create the funnels for you. All you have to do is add your company video and change the text. The templates are based on extensive marketing research, so they have a high chance of success right off the bat.

Once you’ve created your funnel, the CRM software generates a link for you. You can send prospects the link to start generating leads. Your software will document every action that they take after that.

Organize Your Team Members

With MLM software, you can view all your team members in one place. You’ll be able to see how much training they’ve completed, view their interactions with customers and complete other actions. The software also gives you information about your team’s performance, helping you focus on the areas that need the most improvement.

When you open the application, you’ll see your team members arranged in a leaderboard. The more they’ve duplicated, the higher they’ll rank. You’ll see live updates on how many prospects each team member has and how many people have signed up for their team. With this information, you can encourage your top performers and reward them for their success. You can also see which team members are underperforming and figure out how to help them grow.

What Are the Benefits for Team Members?

You can convince several people to buy your product, but you won’t start seeing major sales figures until you recruit a whole team of sellers. To get people to sign up, you’ll need a simple, easy-to-use interface that makes training a breeze. A simple application will also make it easier for your team members to recruit their own members, giving you yet another source of income.

Simple Training Modules

When your new team members sign up, they’ll have access to interactive training modules provided by the software company. These modules will educate them about network marketing and give them the tools that they need for successful duplication. On your end, you can keep track of your team members’ progress and oversee their training.

Helpful Sales Tools

It’s called “duplication” for a reason. When you add new people to your team, you want them to duplicate your success by pushing sales and recruiting new members. CRM software gives them easy access to the tools that they need to succeed. Your network marketers can get funnel links, keep track of their sales, interact with their customers and much more. Plus, the software is easy to learn, so they won’t have to spend weeks trying to figure out a new process.

Easy Communication

When everyone’s using the same application, your team members know where to go if they need help. Many people are hesitant to jump into an MLM company, especially if they have no experience with online sales. CRM software helps your team members get support whenever they need it.

What Are the Benefits for Customers?

Your business is nothing without customers. You’ll need to grab their attention right away with a professional sales pitch and make it easy for them to fill in their personal information. If you’ve had trouble finding new customers, CRM software could help you turn it around.

Easily Accessible Funnels

When a prospect visits your funnel, they’ll find a clean, accessible page with a title, some text, a video and a few buttons inviting them to sign up or learn more. These funnels are optimized to drive sales — and your customers will appreciate the difference. When you make a good first impression, you’re bound to start increasing your profits.

Clear Communication

You might lose a sale if you don’t follow up quickly enough. Similarly, you might lose a sale if you keep forgetting that you followed up with a customer and flood their inbox with emails. CRM software helps you keep track of your communications and follow-ups, resulting in happy customers.

How Do You Get Started with MLM CRM Software?

If you’re interested, sign up for CRM software and start incorporating it into your network marketing business. CRM software often comes with private Facebook groups, live Zoom calls, technical support and everything else that you need to get started. You might have to pay a subscription fee, but the software will pay for itself once you start finding new prospects and adding new people to your team.

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