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Create a Team Duplication System in Eight Steps

Success in network marketing is all about achieving duplication. Your skills need to be transferred downline for your team to achieve maximum effectiveness. The good news is that you can achieve this through a series of steps that build out your team. Of course, one of the best ways to be successful in duplication is to have the right technology as the architecture for your network marketing team.

Become an Example

Duplication starts with a person and a set of skills that needs to be followed by an entire team. You need to be the person whose abilities are duplicated across the team. Start by building up your personal skills and utilizing effective tools, keeping in mind that your team will also gain by adopting your skillset.

Focus on building your technical, sales and leadership skills. While leadership relies in part on natural abilities, you can become a leader with hard work. You can learn the skills that you need and combine them with your natural talents.

One of the main things about becoming a leader is that you have something to offer other people. This could be content or communications skills. You should give people a compelling reason to get on board with you. It is only after you have reached this point that you can begin the process of duplication.

Create Good Content

Content is the way to grab eyes and keep them. This holds true with both your team and your prospects. Content is the way of getting your perspective out into the world. When you have established yourself as a leader, people want to hear what you have to say. They will devote their time to listening to you.

Your content will help others create their own success based on your tips and method. It will help create the buzz around you that will persuade others that you are someone worth following. Your content is a way to get your message out to the world.

Get the Right Technology

Duplication depends on taking skills and knowledge and transferring it to downline members of a team. They would then rely on it as they communicate with prospects. This is where technology will help you the most. MLM automation is the key to duplication. Otherwise, transferring knowledge, skills and resources would take too much time, and many things would be lost in translation.

One of the most important things that you need to automate is your customer contacts and all of the tools that you use for sales conversations. You do this by using MLM CRM software, like My Duplicator. Finding the right technology to assist with duplication is often a case of selecting the best CRM for network marketing.

Your CRM software for network marketing will help others pick up where you left off when it comes to sales contacts. Your hard work is tracked in your system, and it helps others stay organized and not miss a beat. MLM CRM software means that you do not have to be involved with every single sales contact. You can get things started, and the system can document your efforts for those downline.

Communicate Regularly

Duplication is not a static process where people just get help from technology or read something on paper and are expected to follow it. The mistake that many network marketing leaders make is that they do not appreciate that duplication is an active and living process that requires constant and steady communication.

As such, duplication demands that you set regular times to check in with your team and make yourself available to them for questions. It also means that you conduct regular training sessions to teach them new skills. A leader is an active presence even when their team has reached the point where they can perform their functions on their own. It is their availability and continued communication that allows them to keep transferring their skills.

They also say that a leader will lead by example, and this is especially true in network marketing. It is regular communication that allows the leader to show themselves to their team. Establishing check-ins and times to talk will ensure that you are able to speak with your team and not lose communication in the shuffle.

Build and Train Other Leaders

As a leader in network marketing, there is plenty resting on your shoulders. You are the person that the rest of your team follows, and it is your example that sets the standard for the team. While you welcome the pressure, it is also important to diversify and have some help.

The more that you train others, the more people are available to lead and set their own example. This expands your reach throughout the team and allows for more momentum. As a leader, there is only so much that you can do and only so many people you can actively mentor and teach. Business builders may need face time, and you only have so much of it to go around.

Duplication is not just about establishing a direct chain between you and others, but it is also about building the entire downline. You have a direct interest in the strength of your team downline. The more people who are trained, the more they can be duplicated too. It all starts with your training.

Build Out Your Team

Don’t forget that marketing is only half of the term “network marketing.” The phrase means that you have a network working with you. Go out and engage. Inviting people and adding them to your team takes some effort. After all, people with the necessary skills may have plenty of options when it comes to casting their lot with a leader. So why you? In part, it is because you asked.

If you rely on people to come to you in network marketing, you may still be waiting. This is where you need to be a missionary for your team. Learn what makes people tick, and tailor your message to their interests. In a sense, you need to make people want to come to you, so pushing too hard here can be counterproductive. There is a fine balance that you need to strike between being confident and needy.

Before you go out and invite and recruit people to your team, take the time to hone your approach. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to people. To the contrary, you need an individualized approach.

Systemize Your Method

We have already covered how you must train and communicate and that you need to do it in person. This does not mean that all of your methods and skills need to be conveyed in person to achieve duplication. To the extent that you can put knowledge into the hands of your team online, you should take advantage of every opportunity.

While you should answer every question you can, it is not always the best use of time to answer the same questions over and over again. You can reach many more people with a video, and it is a very effective use of your time. You can leverage resources such as team-connecting tools to get your message out there. Of course, this is not a substitute for talking to people. However, it is a force multiplier when it comes to duplication.

Let Your Team Work

It seems counterintuitive that a leader should take their hands off the wheel at any point. After all, people think that leadership is an active process, and in most cases, it is. However, there is a point when, after you have done the training and put the tools in place, you need to take a step back.

Your team also needs to function on their own, putting into practice everything they have been taught. While you should be close by to answer questions and help as needed, you should also let people do what it is they do and give them some room to function.

This is similar to letting a bird leave the nest to fly. At some point, you must. Of course, you are still there to support your people as necessary and provide them with leadership. Your people need to want to succeed for themselves and know how to put things into action on their own. Knowing when to take a step back is one of the hardest things for a leader to do.

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