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Leadership: The Secret Weapon to Your Networking Marketing Business

Network marketing leadership

While most people think that network marketing companies are about products, or services the truth is often surprising. The fact is, the very essence of your network marketing business is your leadership.

The reality is it’s your leadership skills and your ability to inspire your team that is your secret weapon to creating a successful organization. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, without proper leadership, even the best service or product is destined to fail.

When we went from struggling …….. to six and seven business owners the thing that changed wasn’t a brand new widget or funky new logo, we simply became better leaders.

It wasn’t easy, but it was simple. It took hard work and commitment but it was worth it 100times over.

As a reward for our work we now have the business and home of our dreams and we wouldn’t have achieved any of our goals without becoming great leaders.

So let’s dig into what leadership is and what it can do for YOU!

Leaders Are Motivated to Set And Achieve Goals

To grow your network marketing business you need to not just set goals but achieve them.

While vision boards and goal setting activities are crucial to your success you need to figure out how to achieve them and most importantly how to help your team to achieve them.

Most of your team members are probably not existing business owners and will need guidance to be effective, to stay the course and ultimately succeed. They will start without the skills they need to succeed, it’s your role to guide and support them on their journey to becoming network marketing leaders.

A quick win to do this in your MLM business is to develop a story that people can buy into. Create something that will keep them going when times get challenging. An easy way to do this is to share your story. Tell people how you started your journey, how you overcame challenges and the differences a successful MLM business made in your life. , By doing this, you are building a story that people can believe in, so you can be an influencer and inspirational figure.

When it comes to multilevel marketing, you need to create an image and a brand that people can buy into and support. Something that gets others motivated and ready. You are working with an army of business builders to develop prospects and customers.

Leadership Differentiates Your Business From the Competition

Multilevel marketing has always been a competitive industry. In the past decade, it has become even more so as new companies have entered the field and the likelihood is this will continue. As people need sustainable income streams and control of their financial future they will be looking for businesses with low start up costs and unlimited earning potential. Far from being negative this is a good thing! When we started we had to start every conversation explaining how these businesses work and then talk to them about our specific products, these days people are familiar with the model so you don’t have to overcome those challenges. Your only job is to standout from the competition. Competition means that there are many teams with similar business models trying to get market share and relevance. Most use the same old fashioned tools and strategies, they message hundreds of people and ask them to join straight away without building relationships and then swap to a different product when it doesn’t work and do it all over again.

You are not going to do that.

Stand out as a network marketing leader

As a leader you are going to stand out from the crowd and lead your team.

The key is in figuring out how to differentiate your business from the others. Having a steady guide at the helm and providing leadership is just one way to separate yourself from the competition. In a competitive landscape, leadership is a plus factor that helps your company outperform your competitors.

After all your downline is just people, and regardless of the business everyone needs to know that they are being supported by both vision and direction. In a sense, this frees them up to take the calculated chances that they need. They’ll be able to do their job knowing that they’ll receive top-down support and you’re there for them every step of the way.

Leadership Comes From the Top

In any multi level marketing organization, the structure has the business broken down into teams. Of course, guidance and inspiration will come from the very top, and that is extremely important. But the real key is to ensure there are leaders at every level. You will have your upline, that will guide, support and inspire you. You in turn will need to be there for your downline.

In many multi level marketing companies, the newer business builders will rarely interact with the senior leaders of the companies and so it’s your role to pass down the culture, and vision of the business. It’s not just f multi level marketing, it’s multi level leadership.

When you are training your new business builders, leadership training should be a key element so that they can go on and be successful with their downline. The more people who are trained leaders, the better. Your business operations, experience and profits will be improved when your team can step in and provide direction when necessary.

Leaders Work Together

Leaders work together, rather than seeing competition, they cooperate. In most companies there is a natural tendency for individuals to focus on themselves and their own numbers. After all, their pay is determined by their individual volume and production. However, when you build a team of leaders they will support each other to grow their businesses and as the old adage goes… ‘we’re all stronger together’.

The easiest way to do this is to give your team a reason to buy into the overall plan. When people are compensated on an individual basis, they may not have a monetary incentive to cooperate and help everyone out. However, if you can financially and emotional reward them for working as a team you’ll be able to bring your team together even quicker.

Your goal is to have a team full of leaders who can get everyone else to buy into the overall big picture. You need leaders to set the tone for the entire company. A team that sells from network marketing scripts can only take you so far. Having trained and proven leaders who can make your team a sales machine will take you to the next level.

Building Productivity Through Leadership

Like all businesses your network marketing business will probably not reach its maximum productivity at first. Instead, you need to take the time to refine your processes to make them leaner and more effective. However, it always takes someone with the influence and forethought to spearhead the change. Process changes are not always popular at first, especially among the team who may need to take the time to learn something new, which is why every step of the way you need to inspire, lead, and give your team a reason to buy in. It takes a strong leader to get the buy-in from others when they want to try something new that can eventually save time and money.

Moreover, your team’s productivity could be negatively impacted by one or two underperforming members. If you have team members struggling, rather than perhaps resent them or find it frustrating, throw your arms around them and support them toward better performance, so it can lift up the entire team. A leader will work on strategies that can help others reach their full potential. In turn, this will help improve everyone’s productivity.

Leadership Boosts Productivity and Satisfaction

Productivity is not just about getting more done, it’s about structuring your work to be efficient and enjoy your work time and your family time. Work, life balance is the goal. Increasing productivity is not just a matter of leading people directly. There is also a tone that must be set across the team and organization. Your team members are more productive individually when they feel a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Of course, that can come partially from sales numbers, but as you know in your own life, numbers are not everything.

Work Life balance in Network Marketing leadership

Satisfaction in your business is the key indicator for how long people will stay in a role and how much they commit to it. This will mean that your team will work harder and will be likely to stay on it for longer if you can increase their satisfaction.

Teaching your team how to be productive, how to maximise their return on investment for the hours worked so they have the resources and time to enjoy family life is the single most beneficial thing you can do to prevent your team from quitting and to prevent rebuilding your downline again.

Leadership Strategies To Grow Your Business

Many of the company’s goals come from top-down directives that are a result of data analysis and strategic big picture thinking..

While, a company needs senior leadership to set the overall company-wide goals that may relate both to sales numbers and productivity. As the message is spread throughout the company it becomes increasingly important that you do not just set goals and leave it at that. They need sound strategies in order to reach those goals. This can be anything from including network marketing tips that are ingrained in all team members through organizational training and helping them that way or team calls for motivation and support.

In a network marketing company, goals are also set and implemented in teams. This is why it is important to have team leads who can come up with their own plans and implement company-wide goals in a personal way that works for your team.

All of this takes vision, both on a company-wide and team level. This is exactly what leadership is.

Leadership Nurtures Talent

It takes help for some to realize the benefits of network marketing. Many will end up walking away out of frustration because the business takes time to learn. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme this is a business that can change your life if you commit to it and do the work. You need people to be able to learn from peers who have already achieved some success. The ability to demonstrate success in your own business and that of your peers is crucial to motivating and nurturing your team. Not every person who starts on a sales team can get immediately up to speed but you can help them achieve amazing things.

Great leaders like you, may even take someone under their wing and show them how to be successful at building their network marketing business step-by-step. They will take a personal stake in developing the next generation of talent whether or not they directly benefit financially from it.

The Best Leaders, Lead By Example.

Here’s the thing, you do not need to be a senior executive in the network marketing company or even have a big downline yet to be a leader. It is important for you and your team to learn how to self-lead every day. Network marketing companies are often decentralized, and there is only so much that can be done on a top-down basis.

Even team leads are not involved in every single detail of a transaction. This means that you need to have business builders who are capable of motivating and leading themselves. No matter their role, every person on the team should feel that they have the ability to show some degree of leadership.

Your role is to help them do that. You need to empower them to succeed.. This enables them to not only have the freedom to do their own job better, but they will also be more engaged with the overall company.

Lead your network marketing team

Network Marketing Is All About Building

Building a successful network marketing business requires a leader plus duplication. In reality, the process of duplication is all about building out your team. However, regardless of how big your ambitions are it needs to start somewhere. Where ever you are now, using the tools we’ve talked about today you can have a happy, fulfilled and successful team.

The core skill for this model is leadership. To duplicate, there needs to be someone who others will follow. Otherwise, you would have a team full of people flailing about trying to find their way on their own.

Once you have the right strategies, the sky’s the limit for network marketing. Our My Duplicator software is designed to streamline the process of transferring, or duplicating, leadership skills across your team. Check out how our products can help you build a successful network marketing crew!