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9 Essential Features to Look for in Your Network Marketing CRM Software

Network Marketing CRM - How to Find the Best CRM for Network Marketing

Customer relationship management, or CRM for short, is an essential part of any successful MLM business. To make sure your customers and team are getting the support they deserve, you need to find a high-quality network marketing CRM system. With all the different CRM software out there, how do you find the best? It’s easy. All you need to do is research your options and follow the guidance we offer here.

MLM Automation

Any network marketing CRM software should include automation. Automation allows the software to do things without you having to manually tell it how to accomplish each task. For example, automation could send a marketing email to every prospect that has watched a certain amount of your video or clicked a certain button..

When your team is still small, automation saves you time and gives you more energy to focus on recruiting. As your team grows, automation becomes even more important. At a certain point, most MLM teams are simply too big for you to handle everything yourself. If you want business practices that grow with you, you need to start automation with the following features as soon as possible.

1. Compatibility With All Sorts of Devices

Don’t go with a network marketing CRM that forces you to sit at a desk and stare at a computer all day. Modern CRM systems tend to be a lot more flexible. Most of the top CRM developers now create CRM systems that can run on tablets, phones, notebooks, and more. A good CRM should also work on all sorts of operating systems, including Windows and Mac.

This provides several essential perks for you and your team. First of all, it makes recruiting easier. Anyone can join your downline without needing to have access to fancy equipment or the latest tech. It also lets you work on the go. You can be managing your customers while you’re running errands or traveling for vacation.

2. Customizable Membership Plans

Ideally, your network marketing CRM software should recognize that every MLM team is different. Depending on where you are in your journey, you may need more or less support. For example, one team might just require quality duplication tracking tools, while others might want assistance with social media prospecting.

Good CRM companies will offer different purchase prices depending on the products you need or on the subscription period i.e. Yearly or Monthly options. You should be able to customize your purchase and get the option of choosing between various features and training modules. This ensures that you aren’t paying extra for services you don’t need yet, but you aren’t missing out on important features either.

network marketing automation

3. Multiple MLM CRM Tools

Since one of a CRM’s best benefits is its ability to standardize your company, you should make sure it can handle all your needs. The best CRM for network marketing is one that lets you manage just about every aspect of customer relations, sales, and recruiting. Depending on your MLM, you might want software that can do things like keep track of customer orders, provide MLM training for your team, or record customer purchasing history.

Having all these tools in the same spot is important because it saves you time and money. When you can bundle all your software needs into a single system, you don’t have to pay a lot to purchase each tool separately. It also makes things way easier for you and your team because you don’t have to learn a bunch of programs.

4. An Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface of a CRM is the screen you look at, the buttons you use, and the overall layout of the program. It is important to try the program and make sure the interface actually works for you and your team. When you want to pull up sales reports or send a message to a team member, the button to do so should be in an obvious and logical place.

Getting an interface that is easy to use can make your team more accommodating to those with all sorts of education levels. When you pick the right CRM, new members of your team can easily start using it without having to take lengthy courses or have a background in tech. A good interface also makes the average business day go more quickly. It lets you get your tasks done instead of spending ages combing through user manuals or having to enter a long string of commands.

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5. MLM-Specific Features

Many CRMs are general purpose systems used for all sorts of businesses. While these can be perfectly respectable, they simply do not provide as much assistance as an MLM-specific CRM. MLMs are a unique form of business because, often, your best customers end up joining your team later on. Therefore, you need a CRM that can handle these transitions.

As you shop for CRMs, take the time to ask how they handle the unique needs of MLM businesses. Make sure the CRM can be used to track prospects, communicate with your downline, and handle duplication. You will need to find a CRM that can assist with these sorts of MLM-specific tasks because a more generic CRM may fail with all the important tasks associated with downline growth.

6. Cloud-Based MLM CRM Storage

Things like your customers’ contact information, purchasing history, and customer support tickets all need to be stored properly. If this data is just backed up on your computer, one power surge or spilled cup of water could wipe out priceless information. Instead, it is a good idea to pick a CRM that backs things up to the cloud.

Cloud-based storage also makes your data more accessible. Since every team member can look at it, your business is not slowed down by things like one person needing to send reports to another. Everyone can get the information they need to appeal to recruits or attract customers. Cloud-based storage can be reached from anywhere, allowing you access to the data you need even when you are far from the office.

7. The Ability to Handle Scheduling

You might not automatically think about your work schedule when you consider customer relations, but it actually has a huge impact. One of the main things your customers want from you is reliable, prompt service. Forgetting a shipment or not answering a customer’s question can give you a bad reputation.

This is where a CRM can help. A good network marketing CRM will have system-wide scheduling capabilities. Ideally, you should be able to log all important dates and get notifications about things you need to do by a certain time. A CRM may even be able to automate parts of your schedule.

8. Extra Tips for Handling Your MLM Sales

Even the best MLM team can always benefit from more training. If possible, try to find a network marketing CRM that incorporates things like MLM scripts and other training tips. Some software might include helpful “getting started” videos, while others might offer recommended phrasing for emails and social media posts.

Having these tools inside your CRM system provides assistance right when you need it the most. When a new recruit is sending out their first round of emails, they shouldn’t have to leave their device and go call someone in their upline for help. Instead, the CRM should be able to guide them through the tasks with some helpful advice. This can improve any person’s chance of success and make the entire team function better.

9. Helpful Customer Support for You

Of course, a good CRM should let you easily support your own customers, but it should help you, too. When you subscribe to a CRM system, you aren’t just getting the software. You are also signing up to work with the company behind the CRM. The way that they run their business can have a huge impact on your CRM system and your opinion about it.

When you are considering the product, keep in mind how well the sales team treats you. Are they honest about their product? Do they respond quickly to your questions? All of this is important because it signals how they will treat you once you are a customer. You need a CRM company that will always be there to help you out when you have a question or run into a problem.

Choosing a network marketing CRM with these features can make a huge difference to your business. My Duplicator gives you the software you need to communicate with customers, manage your downline, track sales, and more. We’re the only CRM built by MLM teams for MLM teams, so you can be confident we understand exactly what tools you need. To get started on finding the best network marketing CRM for your team, contact us today.