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How to Master Network Marketing With MLM CRM and More

How to Master Network Marketing With MLM CRM and More
Making your first dollar or couple of dollars online is exciting. You know that it’s just a matter of scaling from there. However, in order to truly thrive, there are other key things you need to do besides rinse and repeat. You can vastly improve your results by implementing the six top tips below for becoming a master at network marketing.

1. Learn as Much as You Can

Regardless of what career path you take in life, learning as much as you can is essential for enjoying greater success. Staying knowledgeable about your industry helps protect you as it changes over time. Some strategies and even entire markets can become obsolete. If you weren’t regularly soaking up new information, then you could be left behind. Network marketing is the same. Although the foundation stays the same, it evolves with time, and there is always something else you can learn. Even the top dogs continue learning, so you should, too.

2. Develop Your Ability to Sell

Sales skills are necessary if you want to become a top earner. Many people have an initial negative reaction to the topic of sales because they imagine a pushy person making them uncomfortable.

However, the truth is that every single person sells in their lives whether they are aware of it or not. You sell an image of yourself to the world. When you apply for a job, you’re selling yourself to the employer. When you approach a person you’re interested in, you’re once again attempting to gain a specific result, which would be getting their phone number or a date with them.

In the world of network marketing, you need to learn sales skills as they relate to recruiting and selling the product. Read books, enroll in programs and role-play with your upline and downline to develop not only your sales skills but those of your team. Role-playing is crucial in helping you become not only better but also more confident in your ability to sell.

How to Master Network Marketing With MLM CRM and More

3. Know How to Close

Closing is a skill that often gets overshadowed by sales, yet it’s equally important. Sales and closing are two different, albeit connected, skills. A deal is never final until it has been closed and you have the money in your account. Studying closing will help you overcome objections like “it’s too expensive” or “I don’t have enough time.”

You build belief in the prospect during the closing stage as well. Three key questions you answer for them are:

1. Is this opportunity real?

2. Can I really do this?

3. Will I be helped?

Most objections truly relate to one or more of these three questions. Sometimes, the first objection you’re given isn’t the real objection. A customer doesn’t always let you know everything going on in their mind. You may have to ask different questions or use a third party to figure out the core reason.

4. Automate Your Processes

Automation saves you time and keeps the network marketing business fun since you don’t have to spend hours on menial tasks. You’ll need to use an MLM automation software to do this; our software, MyDuplicator, has network marketing tools that help you automate.

Creating email sequences that you automatically send to your subscribers is a great way to automate. While some of your emails should be unique and manually sent out, you also need pre-written emails that are sent to everyone who is new to your email list or who has bought a particular program. This helps build a relationship with them and also assists them in being successful with your material.

5. Use CRM Software

Building lasting relationships with customers is one of the most important things in business, especially in the world of network marketing. The difference is you must also maintain a good relationship with your team members, too. Your downline wants to feel supported by you as this is something network marketers promise their recruits just as you want to receive valuable guidance from your upline.

You should use CRM software that was designed for network marketers. CRM software for network marketing will show you key stats on your team, not just your customers.

We think we have the best CRM for network marketing because it’s designed to help you duplicate. MyDuplicator shows you the progress of your team so that you don’t have uncertainty about how far along they are in the learning material. You can use this software to discover why you’re not getting the results you want and the areas that could use improvement.

How to Master Network Marketing With MLM CRM and More

6. Edify Other Leaders in Your Upline

A strategy that skilled network marketers use is edification—building credibility for a team member. Someone in your upline could edify you to others as you do the same for them. Edification should include their successes and who they are as a person. Prospects don’t want to just hear about the qualifications; they want to know if they’re going to be surrounded by caring, kind people. When you edify another, speak about one of their relevant successes and two positive things that describe who they are as a person.

How to Master Network Marketing With MLM CRM and More

In order to become a master at network marketing, you need to keep track of your important stats. If you don’t use automation and CRM tools, then it will be like going around blindfolded. You need to know precisely how many prospects you have, how your team is progressing through their learning materials, how many sales you are making each month, how many people you are recruiting each month, etc. The learning process never ends, but network marketing is still a lot of fun when you have the right team. Check out MyDuplicator to learn more about the many ways it can help you generate more money with your network marketing business.