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How to Use Psychology to Succeed at Network Marketing

Network Marketer - How to Use Psychology to Succeed at Network Marketing
Being a good network marketer is all about your customer relations management (CRM). Of course, having things like CRM software for network marketing makes your job easier, but the main thing you need to do is be able to interact effectively with others. With these little psychology tricks, you can better communicate with both your customers and your team.

People Respond Well to Authorities

Over the years, psychologists have found that people pay close attention to social status. Studies have found that humans are more likely to believe and trust someone who seems to be a leader. This leadership can be fairly minimal. For example, one study found people listen more to those wearing a white lab coat even when subjects knew the person in the coat wasn’t a doctor. Just seeming authoritative can make it far easier to direct your team and achieve higher sales.

You can take this psychological quirk and use it very effectively in network marketing. Think about what the “white lab coat” of your field is. For example, if you work in the food industry, it might be someone who has released a cookbook, or if you work in makeup, it might be someone with a popular YouTube channel. Then, try to position yourself as that sort of authority. Even simple things like running a blog or appearing on local media can make you seem like a reliable, authoritative leader. 

Once you can position yourself as a leader, it is easier to promote products and services.

Individualized Proof Provides Impressive Effects

No matter how much a person trusts you, they are unlikely to just believe random claims you make. Humans are naturally skeptical and need proof to motivate them. Studies have found that explaining your proof and reasoning can almost double success rates. You can give proof a product really works, proof that your team is really successful, or even just proof that others enjoy the product.

For your proof, try to be specific and provide concrete examples. If possible, give others the opportunity to research your proof for themselves, showing them things like online reviews or giving them a list of sales reports. 

When providing proof, here’s another psychology trick to keep in mind: People pay more attention to individual stories than broad statistics. Saying, “This is Natalie, a single mom who used her profits to buy her family a home” works better than “60 percent of our network marketers make an annual salary of $50,000 or more.”

Network Marketer - Individualized Proof Provides Impressive Effects

Humans Are Highly Motivated by Fear

In general, most humans are motivated by either fear of pain or desire for pleasure. In sales, this basically means you need to have a sales pitch that either promotes the positives of a product or shows the danger of not having the product.

Some network marketers do have success by focusing on all the perks, but generally, everyone is far more motivated by fear of consequences. This goes all the way back to caveman times where being more focused on fear of a tiger instead of desire for food could be literally lifesaving.

In modern network marketing, you can employ fear to attract others to what you are promoting. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to try to terrify all the people you pitch to. It just means that you need to subtly invoke the fear of missing out. Start by explaining what goes wrong if a person doesn’t have your product. Do they lose money? Will they struggle to connect with their kids? Really think about universal concerns that can be solved by your product.

Next, ramp that concern up a notch by making people think they could miss out on your product. Try mentioning deadlines for a discount or explaining that spots in your coaching program will fill up fast. This can be the final push that gets potential buyers to actually commit.

Curiosity Is a Powerful Energizer For Network Marketers

Facts are important, but you don’t want to focus on the facts so much that your audience zones out. This can be a problem because an uninterested person is less likely to care about what you are selling. How do you ensure people actually stay involved in your sales pitch? The secret is curiosity.

Just like the primates that are our closest relatives, humans are intensely motivated by curiosity. We have an innate drive to figure out what’s happening and learn the answer to unexplained things. There are several ways to incorporate curiosity into your CRM software for network marketing. Consider things like subject lines for your emails, titles for your blogs, and announcements for your new products.

It might seem like a good idea to use a concise description for these titles, but you actually get more engagement when you do the opposite. Write titles that leave people wanting more, like “Get Ready for Spring With Our Revolutionary New Product” or “Learn the Ultimate Secret to Finding New Customers.” When people feel curious, they are more likely to get involved, and when they are actively engaged, they are more likely to respond to your pitch.

Network Marketer - Curiosity Is a Powerful Energizer

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